If your business is growing, you need a solid human resources strategy for managing your team. We can help you develop your employee handbook, make suggestions on how to hire the best members for your team and so much more.

Human Resources Services for Small Businesses in Bend, OR & the Pacific Northwest

Taking proper care of the people who serve your business is the basis of successful human resources. Regardless of the size of your business, if you have employees, you need business policies and procedures in place to properly manage your team. The Business Butlers help small businesses create solid human resource strategies that foster a healthy culture and organized business.

Don’t Ignore HR Responsibilities Within Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you are responsible for all HR responsibilities until you’re ready to hire a full HR team. Although it’s tempting to ignore these responsibilities, they’re required for successful business growth. The goal of a successful HR strategy is to organize and facilitate:

  • Business processes: All businesses should have documented procedures to streamline business activities such as those that happen day-to-day. This is especially important for new employees as your business grows.
  • Training and professional development: You and your employees should have an opportunity to grow through training and professional development. Providing these resources is a critical part of human resources.
  • Conflict resolution: When conflicts arise between employees, the goal of HR is to reach a resolution in the simplest and quickest way possible.

The Business Butlers Can Help You Streamline Your HR Processes

Small Business Human Resource Oregon

To set your business up for success, we can help you streamline your HR and business processes. With 25 years of experience, we understand the importance of a successful human resources strategy and how it impacts your business. We can help:

  • Create your employee handbook
  • Streamline and document your business policies and procedures
  • Design practical HR processes for your growing business

Who’s the Best Fit for Our HR Services?

Businesses with under 15 employees are best served by our skilled HR professionals. By the time your company reaches 15 employees, we recommend hiring an office manager responsible for handling your accounting, HR and administration.

HR & Business Consulting: Grow Your Business With Confidence

As a small business owner, you may look forward to the day when you must hire an HR team for your growing business. The time is now to put solid business and HR practices and policies in place so you’re ready when that day comes. Through our business administration consulting services, we can help you create a business culture that supports your employees and your growth.

Take Control of Your HR Responsibilities With The Business Butlers

By taking control of your HR responsibilities now, you can build a strong and organized business culture for the future.

To learn how The Business Butlers in Bend, Oregon, can serve you, give us a call at 541.668.6450 or send us a message .

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The Business Butlers offers Small Business HR Consulting Services to clients across Bend, Redmond, Sisters, La Pine, Prineville, Madras, Portland, Salem, Eugene, Springfield, Hood River, Sunriver, and the surrounding areas.

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