Employee Spotlight: Meghan Kincannon

Author: The Business Butlers | | Categories: Bookkeeping Services , Human Resources , Payroll Services

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Meet Meghan Kincannon, the Accounting Concierge at The Business Butlers. Meghan started her career at The Business Butlers three years ago and has a bright future ahead. 

It’s tough to put into words Meghan’s importance, but the reason we’re featuring her on our blog this month is to showcase our appreciation for her efforts. Meghan has quite the reputation amongst employees who know her as well as among our clients.

We find Meghan to be a great asset the entire time she has been with us! She has learned on the fly, successfully solved problems, which allows us to attend to other things. Meghan brings a sunny disposition and a ton of laughter with her while juggling many things.

Meghan brings loyalty, positivity, and a “can-do” attitude regardless of what is thrown at her.

She invariably goes the extra mile, takes the initiative, and makes The Business Butlers look good. With a recent staff change, Meghan stepped in to make processes happen without hesitation. She has been extremely flexible and willing to do anything given to her, even if it is not in her wheelhouse.

When we asked her about why she loves working with us, she smiled and said: “I have many great clients that I truly loved getting to know. When The Business Butlers grew exponentially overnight, most of our clients extended grace, patience, and understanding with issues that arose during the transition period. Working at The Business Butlers has provided me autonomy, flexibility, and lots of learning opportunities these past three years. In addition, I love working at The Business Butlers because it allows me the flexibility to be home with my kids, especially when COVID hit, to be their homeschool mom.”